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Why I Love Home Newborn Sessions



If you are expecting or are a mom of a newborn baby, the thought of an in-home newborn session probably evokes many thoughts. Concerns about how your home will look, what you will wear, how older siblings may behave, if the newborn will sleep for the session… all very legitimate feelings. But I’m here to tell you why it’s a wonderful idea.

In reality, in-home newborn sessions can be some of the most comfortable photographs you take with your family. They are some of my favorite sessions to capture because they honor a family, in their comfort zone, during one of the most special seasons in life. Below are some of the reasons why Newborn Home Sessions are my favorite.

1, You are in the most comfortable space possible — your home. Moreover, leaving your home with a baby (and possibly older siblings) is fairly daunting in the beginning. At home, you’re in your comfort zone. If baby becomes hungry, go ahead and feed! Feel like snuggling on the bed with baby, yes please! Older siblings often anticipate anxiety felt by parents on the day of a photo session too; there is no more safe and reassuring place than their own home.

2. To capture how your life truly¬†is: The first days at home with a newborn (whether it be your first born, or your fifth) is a whirlwind. It is a fleeting season in life that’s gone in the blink of a tired eye. Documenting this moment, in your most sacred place, brings context to this event and future memories.

3. Flexibility: It is so comforting to Mom (or Dad!) to be able to feed and comfort baby whenever necessary, at home. Also, home sessions allow older siblings to step away and take a break when needed. I love to incorporate siblings at the beginning of a session when interest is at a peak, only to allow them to leave the room and play. On location, breaks and distractions are much more limited.

4. Your story is special: each and every family has their own story to tell. While newborn studio portraits are beautiful, a home newborn session is told in the context of your family and your life. During my sessions, I encourage my clients to simply spend time with one another, which is when those magical in-between moments of connection happen. My hope is that your memories of a photographer clicking the shutter nearby are limited, and the memories of those moments spent together remain most profound.

5. Document Motherhood: As mothers, we are so seldom in photographs alongside our children, more often behind the camera capturing moments. Your children will cherish photographs with you someday — there’s no more precious of a time than now.

All of my clients receive a curated welcome package that includes a detailed session guide, outlining how to prepare for your session, as well as what to expect both during and after your portraits. I strive to be a resource for my clients, from start to finish, to make the experience as tailored, relaxed and stress free as possible.

If you are thinking about a newborn session, click here to inquire for details! I’d love to photograph one of the most important moments in your family’s life.

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May 2, 2019

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