My journey to professional photography began in fashion over 6 years ago. I was captivated by the movement and beauty of the female body. I photographed women who were strong, feminine, loving, and fierce all at once. After the birth of my children, I realized that this collection of characteristics was intensified when a woman became a mother, so my photography subject focus shifted. Our children are a constant reminder that tiny moments matter, and those tiny moments become vivid memories that deserve to be captured on film.  

Every mother has a unique story, and It’s an honor when a mother chooses me to tell her story through intimate photographs. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a mother with her children and her gaze, her light touch, and the tangle of tiny limbs in her arms. Motherhood is imperfect, but it’s also beautiful and deserving of preservation. Someday, all our children will have are photographs, and it’s my job to make sure that mothers are in them.

I believe in emotion over perfection. I believe in the moment, and living that moment with gratitude.



Photograph by Tory Baker Photography

about film

My approach to portrait photography is unique. In 2019, I made the switch from digital to film photography. Shooting with film allows me to capture subtle details that are often lost with digital photography. Film photography creates romantic images that feel like pieces of art rather than simply photographs.

Being a film photographer requires me to be very intentional and patient during my client’s photo sessions, which is a big part of the Paige Forden experience. My patience allows me to notice the magical unprompted moments during a session. I’ve learned that oftentimes, when the scripted pose falls apart, mom will reach in for a tighter squeeze or a genuine smile, and those perfectly candid moments are what I live for.

As a film photographer, I’m doing so much more than taking photographs. I’m creating a living work of art for my clients that they will enjoy for a lifetime. 

Known for: leather boots, a glass of wine every night, and  endless, organized checklists.

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